Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my core?

Just fill out the form in the Cores section, and we’ll take it from there.

What about my core credit?

Once you return your core, you’ll be reimbursed any core charge by Auto Parts Warehouse, JC Whitney, or Parts Train.

What if my core is damaged?

In the event that your core (particularly the case) has been damaged beyond repair, you will not receive core credit reimbursement.

What is my warranty?

For standard applications on both transmissions and transfer cases – your basic to and from work type vehicles – you get a 3 year/1 million mile warranty. For commercial applications, your transmission is covered for 18 months/100,000 miles.

What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty covers parts and labor. For non-ASE certified techs, we’ll reimburse your labor costs at a rate of $10 per hour, per Mitchell book time. For ASE-certified techs, we’ll reimburse labor at $50 per hour, per Mitchell book time.

What if I sell my vehicle before the warranty expires?

Because your warranty is attached to your vehicle’s VIN, it’s still covered, regardless of ownership.

Where can I get a copy of my warranty?

Want to see exactly what your warranty covers or have another piece of paper to stow away in your glove box? Just click to download your warranty information.

What if I have a warranty issue?

Even though we have the lowest rate of failure in the industry, warranty claims happen. Should you need to start a claim, visit the Product Support section to get in touch with a tech.

What if I have technical questions?

Need help with the installation process? Not a problem. Get in contact with our Product Support team from the Product Support page.

What kinds of updates does ShiftPoint USA do to its transmissions?

Each transmission that ShiftPoint USA produces is fully remanufactured and meets or exceeds OE requirements. In addition to replacing worn or broken parts, our Research and Development department has identified points of failure in the original design that are corrected in the manufacturing process. To top it all off, each unit is dyno tested using simulated road conditions to make sure it’ll perform for you.

How soon will my transmission or transfer case arrive?

​On average, we have 5,000 in-stock, ready-to-ship transmissions at any of our six warehouses. If your transmission happens to be one of those, you can expect to see it within 48 hours. If the transmission you need is still in the remanufacturing process, shipping times will vary.

Where are your warehouses located?

In addition to our primary remanufacturing facility locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have warehouses in Baltimore, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Ontario, California; and Portland, Oregon.